How Cryptocurrency Is Helping More Women Enter The Global Market

The latest research indicates that more than 90% of cryptocurrency users are male while only 1,76% of the entire crypto community are women. For those who do not know, cyber currencies are a form of digital money that is completely decentralized. This means you do not have to deal with any banks in order to make any transactions and get your money. By using this new system, you can get the ability to transparently and safely do any type of online transactions without any fear of frauds.

post8aEncryption, the latest and most innovative blockchain technology, all of these are making the cryptocurrency possibly the safest thing on the Internet. Everything a user does get recorded and it is fully traceable simply to make sure that no fraud can take place during these transactions. These records cannot be altered in any way hence the enormous potential that has been the object of interest of almost every business, industry, financial institution and government in the world.

There is no doubt that crypto space is completely dominated by men. This does not mean that nothing can be done to get more women involved. The truth is, there are more male entrepreneurs present in any sphere than women. Still, their numbers are really low in this sector. There are several factors that might be of significant consideration.

The three determining factors

First of all, there is a significant gap between the genders in the very tech industry. Second would be a very poor or no at all representation of any females in the financial industry. And this is completely true because there was never a female in the financial industry that represented herself like men do all the time. And the third factor would be that common saying that females represent a risk when it comes to any sort of dealing with money. Or simply put, girls cannot be trusted with cash, especially with a lot of it.

post8bNow, this may be or not but, there is also a study that says that females are treated like outsiders in the digital world of cryptocurrency. Females are the best consumers, we can safely say that and lately, there have been signs that they are significantly outpacing men as entrepreneurs. With the right publicity, advocacy, internships, mentoring and education, their numbers in the global financial sector could start rising.

With this in mind, there is a small number of females who are doing all they can to effectively impact the whole cryptocurrency sector, especially the blockchain and Bitcoin tech sectors. There is no doubt that this number will continue to grow as these cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular with time. If they start talking to people, get more engaged about the meetups, in person and online, read about it, visit seminars and educate themselves about it, they could learn fast that this is one of the easiest ways how they can earn some serious money absolutely.