Political Empowerment of Afro Descendent Women

If you follow the politics and you are quite involved in the story, then you most likely know, or you have at least heard about the terms like gender equality or political empowerment of women. Well, even if you don’t follow the politics, you will bump into some gender equality articles online because that is a huge topic that is very popular because it is about a very important message and that is we are all equal no matter out the gender. In the politics, there was always a larger number of male politicians than female and the reason for that is because people have been treating women differently than a man. In society, it was always the situation that the man goes to work, and the women stay home to raise children.

post9aWell, just like anything our society has changed and quite drastically because nowadays there far more women who work than there are housewives. When it comes to politics the situation is still somewhat different and the tension between female and male politicians can be seen, especially when it comes to afro descendent women. So, this has started from being just a gender thing to a color thing. Of course, nowadays, all of that is getting sorted and these issues are a part of the past.

Increasing Numbers

One of the greatest thing that we could see in politics lately is that there has been a significant increase in the numbers of women who are involved in politics. Of course, this is a great thing because there should be a gender equality even in the politics. We cannot just rely on the male ideas, we need to have another side some other perspective from women who can say freely what is exactly what they want and need. Having a different colored skin shouldn’t represent any difference especially in politics. Unfortunately, there will always be people who will be against that, but we can do something about that.

post9bPeople like that should be considered politicians because a color skin has nothing to do with politics. The only difference it makes is when someone is a racist and doesn’t allow other races to participate in politics. As mentioned above the numbers of female politicians has been increasing rapidly in the past few years and that is a great thing.


If we want to further increase the political empowerment of afro descendent women, then we have a very simple job to do and that is to promote gender and race equality. Just like with anything else in the world if you want something to succeed, you have to promote it and bring it to people all around the world. People need to head the truth and that way maybe things will change for the better. That’s why some of the female politicians are constantly promoting gender equality, even if it has become a boring subject to some people, they still continue to do it because they believe that is the key to success.