Conceptualising Global Democracy

Talking about the real meaning of global democracy should be a democratic process on its own. Discussing this topic should include some help from different regions of the world, maybe some different culture, races, ages, and genders because we alone cannot discuss a topic as important as the global democracy. As you might see from the title it is a global thing, meaning that it should be connected with everyone on this planet. We are not the only people who have something to say about this, people from all around the world have the same rights and say out loud their personal opinion about this subject. Despite this, some of the official literature about global democracy has come from a quite narrow base.

post11aThe ideas have been coming usually from only a few cultures and mainly older white men. Of course, this doesn’t mean that these ideas about the global democracy are not important, or that you should be ignoring them, you just have to know the truth behind them. That truth is that the information and ideas have been coming from a restricted area of global humanity even if we have said that this should be something that involves various cultures, genders, and races.

Developed Project

As you might know, in order to expand the discussion that has been going about the real purpose and the nature of the global democracy, people have been developing something very unique that they call the conceptualizing global democracy project. In order for this project to come to life and have some type of effect on the world, around ten world regions, had to make some contribution to this project. Of course, every world region has contributed equally to the project because this is about the global democracy that affects everyone the same way. Surprisingly, this project has brought closer together various traditions from Western to Amazonian. Of course, that was a great thing because the key to having a good global democracy is to have different cultures and traditions working together to achieve the end result.

post11bBecause of this project was so important and massive, a lot of activists, officials and even politicians have been included to work on this project together. Also, because of the gender equality, everything was balanced properly so we have the equal amount of female and male participants. Furthermore, the age range is also high starting at 20 all the way up to 80 years of age.

Best Results

If we want to achieve the best possible results with global democracy, then we have to continue doing this project the right way as we started. Having such a diversity is very important, especially when it is on a global level that affects every person. Of course, because of the diversity, there will be some issues and misunderstandings, but that is the mission, to find a common ground where everyone is happy with the results. If there was not such a diversity, then a lot of people would be unhappy and bigger problems would arise.