Building Global Democracy

Welcome to our website, as you might know, we are a website that has a lot of different goals, but the main focus is on educating and introducing people to the cryptocurrency. You can find various articles about how or why we can have benefited from cryptocurrency and of course, how it affects the democracy.

Building democracy programmes

We try to organize and build our activities around various projects. Every project is designed specially to examine some type of challenge that will, later on, help out fix issues.
The five main projects in the BGD programme address, respectively:

Conceptualising Global Democracy

Learning for Global Democracy

Including the Excluded in Global Politics

Structural Redistribution for Global Democracy

Intercultural Constructions of Global Democracy

Cryptocurrencies are the Future

These days people who don’t keep up with the news or economy, they will not know anything about cryptocurrencies. That can become a huge problem in the future because we are quite positive that Cryptocurrencies are the future and soon enough they will be very important part of your everyday life. Luckily we have a lot of bloggers out there teaching the masses about this new tech, this page about buying cryptocurrency in Australia is a great example on how crypto and blockchain will become mainstream.

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